About Me

I am a life coach with over six years of experience. As a coach I partner with and support my clients to achieve personal and professional expansion.

I am certified in Brain Based Coaching methodology designed by neuroscientist Dr. David Rock. How we think and feel informs our actions which in turn shape who we are. I coach individuals on all levels – thoughts, feelings and actions/behaviour to facilitate growth, well-being and happiness.

I have a strong foundation in Yoga and Buddhist meditation practices. I am a formal disciple of Zen Buddhist Master A.M.A. Samy. I also study Tibetan Buddhism. I have trained in BKS Iyengar, Ashtanga and classical Hatha Yoga. I am also trained in applied Buddhist psychology.

A unique combination of spiritual experience, Neuroscience-Based Coaching Certification and knowledge of Applied Buddhist Psychology gives me a deep insight into how the human mind works and enables me to help people tap into their core being.

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