Friday, April 5, 2019

Photos from Certification Ceremony

I completed a course on Applied Buddhist Psychology last month. The certification ceremony was held on Mar 10. Here are some photos from this event.

Happy to be honored by Mrs. Jadhav who is a Social Coordinator at Tata Memorial Hospital. She works with NGO's to facilitate support for the Cancer patients.

Benaifer is an experienced Psychologist. I am happy to receive my certificate from her.

This is the entire batch of students.

This is our faculty Nivedita.

To learn more about the Applied Buddhist Psychology course please visit Nivedita's website

Buddhism is an in-depth study of human mind and it covers psychology too. The Buddhist philosophy, tools and techniques are geared to overcome suffering. My Buddhist practice and the knowledge of human mind and its intricacies helps me to coach people effectively. This course helped me with my ongoing learning.

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