Friday, November 23, 2018

Ten Qualities For Attracting A Deep Connection

Seeking a life partner is an essential desire in humans. It can also be an area of stress for many. Developing or having certain qualities help us attract a deeper connection. The following video talks about ten signs you’re ready for twin flame union. Though the presenter uses the term sign, I see them as qualities that we can hone or develop within us. If you don’t believe in terms like soul mate, twin flames, etc., just replace it with "deep and meaningful connection."


  1. You are in the present moment
  2. Releasing expectations, judgments and attachments
  3. Trusting in the divine (or, release the control)
  4. Lucid dreams
  5. Doing the self-work
  6. You have stopped running (Overcoming fear of intimacy, commitment, rejection, etc.)
  7. You have stopped settling for less
  8. When you are being honest with yourself
  9. Realizing they are you
  10. You are Love

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