Saturday, March 22, 2014

Master Reconnection

Master reconnection is the process of connecting with your master and operating from that space and frequency. It is a onetime process. Once you have completed the three step process you will always stay connected. This process develops your eighth sense. You may be familiar with the sixth sense that is intuition. Eighth sense is pure potential. When you have access to the eighth sense you have the power to change your reality.

“What I would like to suggest is that there is an eighth sense that the human mind is capable of.  In fact this sense is rapidly maturing in our minds.  This sense or ability has the power not just to apprehend or understand your surroundings, but recognizes the mind’s ability to alter those surroundings.  This supra-physical thought is much more than telekinesis, or mentally moving objects.  The ability alters the very fabric of time and space that seemingly makes up our reality.  It supersedes for a moment all the other senses and reorients them to a clearer apprehension of who, what and where you are. This heightened sense reorients your self from one at the mercy of the world to your true position as the source or master of the world. The reason that the eighth sense supersedes all the other senses is that it unifies them and you with your surroundings in an action of love. The effect of the action of the eighth sense is experienced as healing and even a new vision or purpose.”
~ Alden Hughes

Benefits of Master Reconnection
  • Next step in your evolution
  • Ability to heal yourself and others
  • Development of intuition and other clair-senses

The Process

The Master Reconnection process was channeled to Sonia Mackwani in 2010-11 and since then she has been teaching it.

The master reconnection is done in three steps. The first step is called process A where you connect with your master. For ages we have been calling on the master to heal us. In process A the master comes to you for healing. You heal your master and yourself.

In the second step, process B you initiate yourself to be the source and take responsibility of your life and lives to come. This process develops your intuition and clair-senses. You will also be able to heal others.

In process C you become a single point in space that is omnipotent and omnipresent. You become the infinite potential and start to live it. After completing process C you can send healing in the spur of a moment. You will also be able to teach the master reconnection process to others.

I am a Master Partner Teacher and I teach the master reconnection process. The process A and B can be done individually or in group. The duration is one and half hours. Process C takes one day and is conducted by Sonia. Between process A and process B there has to be a gap of seven days. Between process B and C there has to be a gap of 21 days.

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