Thursday, November 14, 2013

What A Relief!

It is just another day in the office. I have just come out of a meeting. While making a mental plan for the next day, I realize that I can’t remember how I travel to work. I try to recollect how I got to work yesterday, but I just can’t seem to remember. Now I was starting to get a little anxious. I remember that I don’t take the company bus anymore. The reason for that eludes me. I make a mental note to find out the timings for the office bus from a colleague.

I turn in my bed and sleepily look at the clock. It is 6:30AM. It is still dark and I feel like snoozing for few more minutes. My mind drifts to the day ahead. I visualize myself at the crowded bus stop waiting to catch a bus to get to work. I don’t like the thought. Like a lightning, it suddenly hits me that I had quit the job over a year ago and work from home now. All that was a dream! Whew!

Fully awake, I get out of bed. I wash my face, get ready and head out for my morning jog.

Note: Anyone who has traveled in the Mumbai city public transport during rush hour knows it is a big deal :)

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