Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pack Up

On the night of 16 October 2011, I had a dream where I was packing up to go somewhere. In my journal, I had noted how I was feeling the pressure to finish packing so that I can start on time. According to dream symbolism, if you dream about packing it could signify big changes ahead of you. Packing could also represent a burden one is carrying.

At that time there was nothing troublesome on my mind, nor was I contemplating any kind of change. So I did not give any importance to the dream.

On the night of 27 November 2011, I had a dream where I was stuck at a bus station. To dream that you are at a station represents a transitional period in your life. Again in my conscious mind, everything felt settled.

By mid-December 2011, due to some development at the workplace, I started contemplating leaving the job. I was considering leaving by mid-2012. The plan was to spend the next six months to figure out a new career – a career that will enable me to pursue spiritual growth. However, towards the end of December, I submitted my resignation. After working with the same organization for about fifteen years, I left my employment in end January 2012.

This just felt right!

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Fanaah said...

Dreams are sub conscious
Actions are conscious
and in between is a lot of guts