Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Lookin' At Me?

My collegue, lets call her T, is a nice girl. We are not friends, but she was always nice to me. Recently, however, her attitute towards me had turned cold. I thought that someone must have bad mouthed me.

Today, while having tea in the pantry, I remembered an incident that happened couple of months ago. while I was having lunch with my friends, another collegue S was sitting on a table in front of me and T was sitting on a table diagonally to my left. When S finished her lunch she walked up to T and whispered in her ear. T tensed up and pulled her kurti at the waist. I realised that her waist had been showing from the cut on the side of her kurti.

While appearing for a test in the school, a teacher came up to me and asked why I was looking into another guys paper in the adjacent row. When I tried to explain that I was not looking at his paper, she slapped me and asked me not to copy. The thing is that I was looking at my paper with a squint. My head was turned towards left but I was concentrating on my paper.

I have an eye condition called nystagmus. It is an eye defect due to which the eyeballs oscillate slightly, causing a blurred image. So I usually look from the right side of my eye for a clear sight.

Now it occured to me that S must have thought that I was staring at T's waist and told her so. No wonder T is so cross at me.


Neeraja Krishnan said...

Oh God! glad you found out the reason. Did you tell T or S? The way you wrote it, actually made me laugh. Its true though that women easily get tensed, often in the way you mentioned, due to their own misunderstanding. Guess its their natural instinct.

Ilango Nadar said...

No, I won't be telling this to the concerned women, because I don't know them and also not too bothered about their opinions. Moreover I am making a logical conclusion based on my observation and can't be too sure about it.