Saturday, May 2, 2009

Forty Three Percent Democracy

When a group of gunmen attacked Mumbai, in November 2008, I was watching the news coverage on TV. I remember one clip where a CNN lady reporter was near one of the troubled sites when a bunch of nitwits gheraoed her and created a commotion. A couple of them were shouting at the woman reporter, and one idiot placed himself in front of the camera and started making faces.

On April 30 Mumbai went to poll. I don't know what these nitwits were doing on that day, but I am guessing that they did not vote.

During and after the attack, lot of people made lot of noise on how the politicians have failed us. Lot of well-intentioned and not so well-intentioned discussions happened. Largely people were upset with the attack and the way the authorities handled it. When the time came to take action, however, only 43% people turned up. Only 43% of eligible Mumbai voters exercised their franchise.

What do the rest 57% people hope to achieve by not voting?

I have also heard some people suggest that no one should vote. They don't even pause to think how that will improve anything. Even with a largely free and fair elections all kinds of criminals, thugs, corrupt, racists, bigots, hypocrites, and vested interests come to power. Do the 57% people actually expect to get better governance if the electoral democracy fails? Well... I don't think so!

Someone rightly said that people get the government they deserve. So if the next government is going to be a 'coalition' of mediocre nitwits, may be that is what the doctor has prescribed!

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