Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Learning To Swim

When I was still in school, during one of the summer breaks, many of the neighborhood kids had joined a swimming pool. I too wanted to join them. However, my father was of the opinion that extra curricular activities is a waste of money. As a result I could not go to the swimming pool with my friends.

Since then I have always wanted to learn swimming. After moving away from my parents other things filled my life and I could never learn swimming. It was always on the to do list only.

In the recent past I have put on some weight and have lost shape. Then I decided to do something to stay fit and in shape. Couple of months ago I joined the Aikido dojo in Bandra. Now Martial Arts is one of my most favorite. Aikido is a softer form of martial art and it is not very rigorous. So it did not do much for shaping up. This caused me to seriously consider swimming.

I finally joined the nearby Evershine club that offers swimming, gym and other sports activities. They also conduct coaching in swimming. Today was my first day and the coach taught breathing and staying underwater exercise. Though it took me too long to formally learn swimming, it felt like a circle has been completed.

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