Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So you think you can dance

The third season of the popular American TV show, So You Think You Can Dance is being telecast on AXN. I saw the first episode today. The lovely Cat Deeley is hosting the third season too. The judges from the previous season were also present.

Few months ago I had stumbled upon the second season of this show on AXN and took a liking to it immediately. I got to see some amazing Salsa, Tango, Ballroom, Swing, Broadway, Hip-hop, and Contemporary dancing. Some of the participants were amazing. Since the competition was spread over many weeks you could get a glimpse of the participants personalities along with their performances.

Todays episode showed the auditions held in New York. There were some fabulous dancers and some duds.

Some participants were so bad that I could not help wondering what they were up to. Some people were clearly disillusioned that they are great dancers and few others were average or not good enough. The disillusioned ones do not have the cognitive ability to distinguish between reality and wish. But it is surprising how the saner people also fail to notice what they lack. I was wondering if they even notice a good performance or appreciate one.

If you set out to be a dancer then the least expected is an ablility to appreciate a good dance. This is followed by the ability to gauge your own level.

Note: So You Think You Can Dance is telecast every Tuesday at 10:00 PM on AXN.

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