Saturday, September 6, 2008

Opening A Cork Without Corkscrew

Of late I have been reading some reviews on Indian wines. Tiger Hills wine has recieved some good reviews and I was keen on trying it. Tonight I went to the wine shop but Tiger Hills brand was not available in our area. So I settled for a Riviera red wine.

On seeing the cork after removing the foil I realised that I don't have a corkscrew at home. The last time I got home a wine bottle was many years ago. It was the good ol port wine. It came in a plastic bottle and you just turned the cap to open it. I thought that I'll buy a corkscrew tomorrow and put the wine bottle in the shelf.

Then I thought why not google and find out if there is any other way of opening the bottle. Lo and behold, I found an instructional site that showed how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

I picked up a thick book and held it against a wall and held the bottle by its neck in the other hand. Then hit the bottom of the bottle against the book. After hitting few times the cork came off easily. I was impressed with myself.


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