Monday, May 26, 2008

Book Lovers Hotspot

Strand book stall in Bombay is an institution of sorts. It is a favourite spot for book lovers. You may have read some articles on this bookshop and its founder in the newspapers. I visit this place every couple of months and don't miss their annual sales. I have also purchased many books from there.

The best thing about strand is that books are available at a discount and the staff is very helpful. I once had them order a book for me from US.

I visited strand last saturday with a list of five books to buy. A senior staffer looked at the list and said that none of them are available. He didn't even look up in the computer. I told him that I want to have them order one of the books. He said that it will take too long to order and asked to visit another shop on the main road and walked away.

I was surprised at his general lack of interest in addressing my need. This is the first time that the staff there was unhelpful and I was wondering if success has gone to their heads.

I may visit strand one more time. If the service level remains the same I may strike off strand from my favourites list.

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