Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Seek The Buddha...

... and you would find the Buddha!

Today while having lunch I was reading a newspaper supplement. There was a news article on Steven Seagal's visit to India. He visits India frequently for Darshan of Dalai Lama. While reading I had a sudden longing for a Darshan of Dalai Lama. I made a mental note that I must visit him in person some day. Then I got on with my daily activities.

At night when I switched on the TV there was a documentary on Dalai Lama on the Discovery channel. Few excerpts of his talks were shown. I felt thrilled to get a glimpse of His Holiness just when I thought of him!

Darshan: a sanskrit term "sight", vision, apparition, or glimpse. It is most commonly used for "visions of the divine."

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