Monday, May 14, 2007

Value centered v/s simbiont influenced Spiderman

Wathced Spider man 3. I have enjoyed all the movies in the Spider man series. These movies highlight the power and weakness of human. Spiderman is a value centered man. He is strongly guided by a sense of responsibility. In the third installment of the series, a simbiont attaches itself to spider man. At a point when his love relationship hits a trouble spot, the simbiont qualties seem to consume spiderman.

Under the influence of the simbiont the soft spoken spidey acquires a fierce competitiveness, assertiveness and basks in his new found power. On the down side he seems to become too full of himself and has a tendency to belittle others. When he ends up hurting the love of his life, he fights to throw out the simbiont.

Which of the two characters do you think would be more successful in a corporate environement? The value centered guy or the simbiont influenced guy. We find that the simbiont influenced spidey is outright successful at achieving a career goal over the principle centered spidey. He easily out maneuvers his peer Brock and plays hard ball with JJ to get a staff position. Though the soft spoken spidey is a highly responsible person and does a good job he might not have achieved the said goal.

If you have observed both the characters play out in your corporate environment, please share it by adding a comment here.

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