Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Indian Cricketing Debacle

I am not a fan of cricket so I would refrain from commenting on the Indian team performance. I would, however, comment on how we collectively responded to the situation.

Have we really responded to it? No! On the contrary we reacted. We come across a lot of reaction from all and sundry. Have you observed that collectively we, as Indians are more reactive than responsive?

My take on this is that why has the cricketing authority not done anything to ensure decent performance? Why do we have to react with shock after every thing is over? Did we have a plan/strategy to win? What role did the cricket board play?

The Indian coach Greg Chappell (a foreigner) had the decency to accept part of the responsibility for the poor performance. In contrast the establishment hasn't demonstrated any ownership. They do own loads of money though. (Indian cricket board is among the richest)

Indian Hockey team was among the best at one time. However, once their performance hit a valley, the concerned authorities have not shown any visible initiative to bring it back on track.

Sports bodies are supposed to ensure that the respective sport is given adequate support and create a strong national team. They need to ensure that our team has a credible standing amongst the other country teams. It is high time that the establishment took responsibility for the country's performance.

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