Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Have you contributed to SPAM lately?

Today when I got into work, my colleague from the adjacent desk enthusiastically asked for my personal email id. Apparently she read an inspiring speech by our President Dr Abdul Kalam and wanted to share it with me. When I read the speech I wasn't convinced that it could be a Presidents speech. It talked about how we Indians complain about everything but do nothing about it and how we behave differently in Singapore etc. It sounded more like a 'bhadas'.

This speech was supposed to have been delivered in Hyderabad on 25th Nov. I immediately visited the official web site of the president of India and looked up the archives of his speeches. The last speech given by Mr Kalam in Hyderabad was in June during a Bio Energy summit.

Recently I had revived a mail from two different friends informing me about a "section 49-0" in the Indian constitution. This section supposedly says that a voter can go to the polling booth, sign the register, have the finger marked and refuse to vote as a mark of protest... I doubted the credibility of this message the first time. The second time I received this mail, I downloaded the constitution of India from the government web site and decided to verify this myself.

There was indeed no such provision in the constitution!

These mails where nothing but JUNK.

We all have been a victim of SPAM. We have also developed the knack of blindly deleting these messages without thinking about it. However, spammers seem to be finding more and more ways of spreading junk. They have found a way of getting YOU to spread their nonsense. It is a simple approach... put together some sense catching content, give it some semblance of credibility, and ask to reader to share it with friends.

I would request everyone, don't believe what you get via email, and for f***s sake, don't diligently forward it to 'n' number of people! Dont spread spam, leave it for the parasites whose purpose in life is to be a nuisance.

I hate SPAM!


Hari said...

Hi Ilango,great you alerted on these spams,The spam speeches impersonating our president will tarnish his image unless the person verifies it personally.Hope may people read your message

Unnikrishnan said...

Ilango, this is a very thoughtful post. Even I had been taken in by the voter-protest email. Now I wonder if the emails about Narayanamurthy, etc. are true!

Ilango said...

I haven't verified the Narayanamurthy speech. But if it was not published in any media then its authenticity is doubtful.